"Best course for practical learning I have ever attended. fantastic 2 weeks! It really shows how much the brain can assimilate in 2 weeks."

Elliot Lemmon, Auckland Massage Course

Brandon Raynor reforms Massage therapy training

We all agree that proper massage therapy training is the foundation of the success of a massage therapist. So the question is: What is proper massage therapy training?

What is the meaning of ‘training’? Do you believe that training is repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain a skill? Or is it something else?

Brandon Raynor’s Massage therapy schools do not teach massage routines and massage “recipes” over and over again. Instead, we teach our student to use their senses in order to understand the needs and reactions of each individual client.

In reality there are no recipes for massage treatments. Each client is different. And by using revolutionary teaching methods and under the supervision of our highly qualified massage teachers you will be how to apply every one of the many unique Raynor massage techniques appropriately. We will teach you only what you need in your daily practice, nothing more.

That’s why Brandon Raynor’s Massage Therapy Schools have put together a 5 day massage certificate and 10 day massage diploma course package that is stripped from all the nonsense that many schools will try to teach you. Things you will never need and probably will forget anyway.

“I loved the mix of different types of massage used to develop Brandon’s style. The hands on demonstrations were great!!! We learned a lot. Overall the class was excellent.”
Seiley M
Bozeman, Montana – Massage Class

You can’t learn this from a book, a video or even a weekly massage lesson.

We know from experience that you can only learn that by practicing. You learn by giving massages, receiving massages and by watching teacher demonstrations. Massage therapy training means, ‘learning by doing’.

When we compared students from a 1 year evening massage therapy training and our 10 day intensive massage courses, it was clear that the students from the intensives are always more enthusiastic, easier to train and more successful in their professional careers as massage therapists.

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